Concrete Mix

Micro Milling Concrete Mix is a blend of Sand, Fine Aggregate and Cement.

Tips & Usage

Repairing of concrete, setting posts, anchoring poles, casting driveways, walkways and steps.


  • Empty contents into a mechanical mixer, wheel barrow or a smooth non-porous surface.
  • Add approximately 3 US Quarts/50lbs bag and mix thoroughly until a workable consistency is achieved.
  • Avoid a soupy mix. Excess water reduces strength and durability and can cause cracking.
  • When repairing concrete, remove all loose material. Dampen adjoining concrete surfaces.
  • Place Micro Milling Concrete Mix and work the material into voids, then level the surface with a straight edge. Allow freshly placed concrete mix to set about 30 minutes to one hour or until the surface water has begun to disappear. Use a float to smooth finish. For a rougher surface use a broom.
  • Keep material damp for several days. Avoid foot traffic for 24 hours.
  • 1 50 lbs bag is equivalent to approximately 0.4 cubic ft.

Clean hands and tools with soapy water before materials dry.

During mixing or application avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes rinse repeatedly with water and call physician. Wash thoroughly after handling. Do not take internally.

12 months from date of manufacture in unopened bags that are properly stored.

Safety Data

Use personal protective equipment (gloves, boots, goggles and mask) when handling or using all Micro Milling Ltd products.
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