Micro Level 5000

Micro Milling’s Micro Level 5000 is a self-levelling, concrete underlayment that is designed for use over various substrates to achieve a flat and level floor base. It is a specially formulated, dry blend of cement, fine graded aggregates, polymers and other additives that when mixed with water provides a flowable easily manageable, fast hardening concrete.


Coverage will vary depending on the thickness to which Micro Level is poured and applied.

Features & Advantages
  • Self-levelling formulation - requires less effort and manpower to achieve a smooth level base ideal for modern building requirements
  • Fast drying, rapid solidification feature allows foot traffic in six (6) hours and accepts tile and stone in 24-48 hours – Ideal for projects requiring fast installation of finished floor surfaces.
  • Excellent adhesion (bond strength) to underlying concrete sub-floor with appropriate primer
  • High Compressive Strength after 28 days > 5000 psi (34.4 Mpa)
  • Low shrinkage rate minimises delaminating and hollow spots
  • Good flow rate facilitates faster pouring/ pumping, easier application and spreading out
  • Resistant, hard wearing surface can be treated with special pigments, sealed and/or used as a final floor surface.
  • Can be used for interior applications in both commercial and residential projects
  • Lighter weight option to achieving a smooth concrete surface compared to traditional mortar and concrete bed methods which require more material
  • Designed for normal use between ⅛”-¾” (3-19mm) thick, if required it can be poured up to 5” thick by adding pea gravel in a 1:1 ratio
  • Ready to use- Just add water

Tips & Usage

Micro Level 5000 when used to repair concrete floors:

  • Can be poured over older concrete substrates to various thicknesses ranging from ⅛” - ¾” (3-19mm) at a time.
  • Achieves a smooth level concrete surface ideal for a variety a final floor finishes including carpet, ceramic and porcelain tile, laminate and wood floors, stone and other commercial floor finishes
  • Provides a level finished floor for light traffic/ residential applications which can be further treated with special pigments or floor coatings including sealants, paints, colourants, resins and dyes to improve durability and aesthetics.

Proper surface preparation is a critical pre–requisite to ensure optimal results when using a self levelling concrete product.

  • Any sub-floor surface to be leveled should be first thoroughly cleaned. Remove dust, loose materials and particle matter, paint residue, glues, gypsum-based patching materials and residues of oil and grease. Power washing can also help to further remove surface pollutants.
  • Repair any large structural defects and plug all openings in the floor including gaps, joints and cracks repairing large holes with standard concrete repair methods. Install termination dams around penetrations (e.g. drains) to prevent any seepage.
  • The prepared surface should be structurally sound, stable, load bearing and rigid prior to application of self levelling product.
  • The surface should also be able to facilitate the weight of the underlayment and the final floor finish.
  • Before commencing, mark off the primed sub floor surface into sections and decide on the areas to begin pouring. (which is usually the lowest spot)
  • Use of a bonding primer on all concrete surfaces to be covered is required to prevent premature water loss, allow easier spreading, prevents air bubbles from older concrete below and ensures proper hydration and bond strength.
    Micro Milling recommends using TEC® Multi-purpose Surface Primer (Please refer to our downloadable PDS for more detailed instructions on Surface Preparation)

Micro Level 5000 should be mixed according to the recommended water to powder ratio. Do not exceed the recommended amount of water per bag ratio as this will reduce the strength of the concrete.

  • Open sacks carefully to avoid spillage and add the dry powder to water in the mixing drum or bucket. Use appropriate PPE.
  • Follow the advised water to powder ratio: 4.8- 5.3 US. Qts. (4.6- 5.0 litres) per 50 lb. (22.7 kg.) bag
  • Always add powder to water. Do not exceed the stated amount of water per bag as this will reduce the overall strength of the concrete.
  • Mix thoroughly on low speed (less than 300 rpm) for 2-3 minutes.
  • Allow to slake (rest) for 1 minute before mixing again briefly.
  • Avoid excessive mixing as this can trap air in the mixture, causing “pin-holing”(craters and spaces left in and on the concrete surface by escaping air bubbles) which can compromise overall concrete strength and lead to possible cracking.
  • Ensure there are no lumps and the consistency of the mixture smooth and even. (Please refer our downloadable PDS for more detailed instructions on Mixing)

For best results coverage of the subfloor should be completed within as short a timeframe and with as few interruptions to the process as possible.

  • Begin to pour out the mixed Micro Level 5000 on to the primed surface and work to the required thickness using long handled gauge rakes, smoothing paddles and trowels.
  • Immediately following pouring begin to spread out the mixture by lightly trowelling the surface. The use of a spiked roller will help spread the material without leaving discernible impressions and remove any trapped air to prevent pinholes from appearing.
  • Do not cover existing expansion and control joints.
  • While mixture is still wet, ensure all gaps and depressions are properly filled, with no hidden air pockets. Cover all high spots.
  • Focus on one section of floor before going on to the next closest section. Begin pouring in this new section while the first section is still wet and the edges still moist. This ensures levelness and promotes bond strength across the different poured floor sections.
  • Work quickly to smooth out all sections to the desired finish while mixture is still wet and workability is good. This will help ensure a seamless level finish.
  • Micro Level 5000 has a working time of 15-20 mins. Time may vary slightly, depending on ambient temperature and humidity.
  • Do not exceed the recommended ¾” (19mm) thickness limit per pour.
  • Additional height/thickness can be built up as required by repeating the process.
    (Please refer to our downloadable PDS for more detailed instructions on Application)

Wash hands, and all equipment used with clean soapy water immediately after use.


  • Micro Level is self-curing and dries to a walkable hardness in 6 hours.
  • While installing and for 24 hours after, protect the area from rain, high winds and direct sunlight. Do not install in direct sunlight.  
  • Work should be undertaken within the temperature range of 5-35⁰ C.
  • Avoid using extra water to retemper or using additives or curing agents.
  • Regular foot traffic can resume in 24 hours. Further construction activity can resume in 48 hours.


  • Do not cover existing expansion joints or control joints.
  • Expansion and control joints should be extended from the sub floor up through the newly poured, levelled floor and any subsequent tile or other floor covering.
  • These joints should then be filled with an appropriate elastomeric sealant or silicone.


  • For interior use only.
  • Unsuitable as a commercial/ heavy duty final wearing surface without further treatment.
  • Do not use extra water, re-temper or use additional agents or additives.
  • Do not use with binders or curing agents
  • Do not install over unstable substrates such as gypsum, regular plywood, particle board, compressed board, asbestos or chip board.
  • Avoid dragging heavy or sharp metal objects directly across recently poured surface

Micro Level 5000 is packaged in 50 lb./22.7 kg. multiwall paper sacks with an additional moisture barrier provided by an inner protective plastic lining within.

Store in dry conditions, off the ground in well ventilated areas for the best life expectancy – up to six (6) months from the date of manufacture in unopened containers.  

Safety Data

Corrosive. During mixing or application avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes rinse repeatedly with water and call a physician. Wash thoroughly after handling. May be harmful if swallowed.

Contains Free Silica. Do not breathe dust. Prolonged/repeated breathing of dust may cause delayed lung injury (silicosis). Follow OSHA safety and health standards for crystalline silica (quartz). Use Personal protective equipment (respirator, gloves, goggles and boots) when handling or using this product.

Micro Milling Limited is not responsible for workmanship not in accordance with its instructions and ASTM/TCNA guidelines.

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