Plaster Mix

Micro Milling Plaster Mix is a blend of cement, graded sand and special additives (including fibres which provide tensile reinforcement and improve elastic performance).


One bag (22.68 kg/50 lbs) will cover approximately 10-12 square feet at a thickness of 3/8"

Features & Benefits
  • Ease of application (excellent workability)
  • Produces lasting durability
  • Efficient alternative to site mixing–less wastage due to not having to batch on site
  • Manufactured to ensure consistency–eliminates site batching risk (Graded sand allows for smooth consistent finish)
  • Streamlines and improves building progress
  • Greater productivity as more plasterwork is produced in less time
  • Fibers provide tensile reinforcement and improve elastic performance
Where to Buy

Available at select hardware stores.

Tips & Usage

Ideal for plastering of walls, brick laying, stone work, and patching of damaged mortar.

Ensure surface to be plastered or repaired is clean and free from dust, oil, paint, or anything likely to prevent a satisfactory bond.


  • Empty contents into a wheelbarrow or onto a smooth non-porous surface
  • Add water gradually, mixing thoroughly until a workable consistency is achieved
  • Avoid a soupy mix as too much water will weaken the mix


  • Apply the product to a uniform thickness of approximately 10-12mm (3/8"- 1/2") float to an even surface with a wood float.
  • This plaster should be applied in a continuous process to avoid dry line jointing. If breaks cannot be avoided they should be where services or architectural features, such as reveals or lines of doors and windows, help mask joints.
  • When used for plastering or patching, a PVA or acrylic or bonding agent should be mixed in.

Clean hands and tools with soapy water before materials dry.

Micro Milling Plaster Mix is packaged in 50lb (22.68kg) multiwall paper sacks with a moisture barrier within to ensure a long shelf-life.

Store in dry conditions, above the ground in well-ventilated areas for the best life expectancy–up to six (6) months in unopened bag.

Safety Data

Use personal protective equipment (gloves, boots, goggles and mask) when handling or using all Micro Milling Ltd products.

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