Sandstone Render (Available in Coral Coarse & Coral Fine)

Micro Milling Ltd Sandstone Render is a precision blend of Portland cement, processed sand and special additives (including fibres which provide tensile reinforcement and improve elastic performance) manufactured under stringent controls to ensure consistency and quality.


One 22.5kg (50lbs) bag of render applied 10-12mm (3/8" - 1/2") will cover approximately 8 - 10 square feet.

Features & Benefits
  • Low maintenance
  • Water resistant and extremely durable; can be pressure washed
  • Numerous design possibilities
  • Manufactured to ensure consistency, eliminating site batching risk
  • Attractive natural finish–no paint required
  • Can save labour and eliminate on site wastage by not having to batch on site
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Tips & Usage

Suitable for external and internal use over traditional sand/cement plaster, brick work, block work and concrete substrates prepared and suited to receive a rendered finish.

The surface to be rendered must be clean, free from paint, oil, dust or anything likely to prevent a satisfactory bond.

The product should be added to clean water at a rate of approximately 3.5 litres (0.75 gallons) of water to a 22.5kg (50lbs) bag and thoroughly mixed with a mechanical mixer for a minimum of five minutes until correct workability is achieved. Slumping of material may occur if the mix is too wet and will increase the risk of settlement cracks developing.


  • Apply the product to a uniform thickness of approximately 10-12mm (3/8"-1/2"). Float to an even surface with a wood float. When render has set but not become too hard, scrape the whole surface evenly with a scrapping tool to produce a uniform texture.
  • In common with traditional sand/cement renders, this render should be applied in a continuous process to avoid dry line jointing. If breaks cannot be avoided they should be where surfaces or architectural features, such as reveals or lines of doors and windows help mask joints. Where long uninterrupted runs are planned, material used should be from same batch.
  • On completion of the rendering, the surface must be checked to ensure an even coverage of render.
  • For Sandstone Render applied outdoors, an acrylic based sealer is recommended after application.

Clean hands and tools with soapy water before materials dry.

Micro Milling Ltd Sandstone Render is packaged in 50lb (22.5kg) multiwall paper sacks with a moisture barrier within to ensure a long shelf-life.

Store in dry conditions, above the ground in well-ventilated areas for the best life expectancy–up to six (6) months from date of manufacture in unopened bags.

Safety Data

Use personal protective equipment (gloves, boots, goggles and mask) when handling or using all Micro Milling Ltd products.

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