Regular Thin Set (Available in White & Grey)

Micro Milling Thin set mortar is a blend of Portland cement sand and special additives for the installation of ceramic tiles on concrete substrates.

  • Ideal for installing tile over concrete substrates.
  • Specially formulated for warm weather conditions.
  • Excellent workability.
  • Exceeds ANSI A118.1.
  • Mix with water only.
  • Suitable for installing ceramic tiles, clay tiles, cement tiles, quarry tiles and brick pavers.
  • Commercial or Residential Installations.
  • Interior and exterior, floors and walls.
  • Fully cured concrete (28 days)

Surfaces to be tiled should be dry, free of dirt, dust or curing compounds and other loose or weak material that could affect a mechanical bond. Where possible substrates should be hosed or pressure-washed.

Substrates should be even to optimise the coverage of Micro Milling Thin set.


Micro Milling Regular Thin set should be added to clean, cool, potable water at the rate of approximately 5.0- 5.4 litres (5.3- 5.7 US Quarts) per 22.68 kg. (50 lb.) bag. Mix thoroughly until smooth and let mortar slake for 5 minutes, then remix. If a mechanical mixer is used it must be done at low RPM (300 or less) to avoid entrapping air into the mortar.

Do not add water or additional powder after the slaking period. The proper mortar consistency is such that when applied with a notched trowel to the substrate, the ridges formed in the mortar will not flow or slump. Do not use mortar after initial set in the mixing bucket. During use, remix mortar occasionally.

Please note: Do not use warm water, it will accelerate the drying time of the mortar and could negatively affect the final shear bond strength.

Once the thin set is properly mixed never be tempted to add additional water.


Apply mortar liberally with the flat side of the trowel using sufficient pressure to work mortar into good contact with the substrate. Use a proper sized notched trowel to ensure 100% coverage of mortar under tiles.

Place tiles while surface is still wet and tacky. Spread only as much mortar as can be covered in 5-10 minutes or before surface dries. Place the tiles firmly into the wet mortar. Push the tiles back and forth in a direction perpendicular to the trowel lines to collapse the mortar ridges and help achieve maximum coverage.

A ¼” gap shall be left around all vertical surfaces to allow for structural movement. Industry standards require approximately 3/32” to ⅛” (2-3mm) mortar bed thickness after tapping in. Follow ANSI A108.5 specifications for installation.

Clean excess mortar from joints so that ⅔ of the tile’s depth is available for grouting, Normal grouting can be done 24 hours after installation.


Minimum cure is reached in 24 hours. Heavy traffic should be restricted for 7 days. Setting and drying times may vary according to atmospheric conditions.


This will vary according to the thickness of the tile bed required but using a ¼”x¼” (6x6mm) notched trowel on an evenly prepared surface, a 22.68 kg/ 50 lb. bag will cover 30-50 sq. ft. (2.78- 4.65 m²). Substrates that are not even or true will result in reduced coverage.


Clean hands and tools with warm soapy water before materials dry.


Provide for expansion and control joints as specified per TCNA Detail EJ171.


Store in dry conditions, off the ground in well ventilated areas for the best life expectancy- up to six (6) months from the date of manufacture in unopened container


Corrosive. During mixing or application avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes rinse repeatedly with water and call physician. Wash thoroughly after handling. May be harmful if swallowed.

Contains free silica. Do not breathe dust. Prolonged/repeated breathing of dust may cause delayed lung injury (silicosis). Follow OSHA safety and health standards for crystalline silica (quartz).


Micro Milling Limited is not responsible for workmanship not in accordance with its instructions and NTCA/ISO guidelines.

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